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This page is a sample of how I express my emotions and creativity through documenting people’s unique experiences and trying to capture the essence of life's complex meaning. One Step Closer Films is an outlet to learn, express and share helpful, therapeutic information. Filmmaking and photography are powerful mediums in which you can to use as an alternative way to communicate, educate and bridge divides.

Expression through the arts is the most honest and pure form of communication. It’s easy to forget that when we find meaning in a story or enjoy the beauty of a piece of music, film or photograph we are engaging in the realm of thinking that is most in sync with nature. Metaphor is the language of relationships, the language of natural systems, in which there is room to communicate in the spectrum of unlimited possibilities.

I hope to encourage everyone to express themselves in some way.


Documenting insights and inspirations of well known and not so well known people…..

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The Riverside Music Project began in 2005, and is a community group offering low-cost opportunities for all ages and abilities to come together to learn and play traditional music in the Stirling area. Working with RMP has been a joy and is a continuing collaboration.


Musical Future’s Vision is for a future where everybody benefits from the value of music. MF works in partnership to use the power of creating music to affect individual and social change. They provide universal and targeted learner-led opportunities to create music.

We are happy get involved in community projects that empower and inspire people.
Please contact me if you would like extra support.