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Emotion Focused Therapy helps you to understand your emotions through increased awareness and acceptance. During the therapy process you will learn to transform your difficult emotions and better use the information they provide to avoid negative or harmful behaviours or other effects of certain emotions.

Emotions are also a guide for understanding your individual choices, decision making and doesn’t see big emotional problems as destructive but potentially constructive and sources of useful information. To make things simple we are focusing on your emotions, making sense of them and becoming more aware of your life experience.This type of therapy assumes that lacking emotional awareness or avoiding unpleasant emotions can cause harm.

Developed in 1985 as a therapeutic approach to help resolve unpleasant emotions by working with your emotions instead of suppressing them. This therapeutic process is a collaborative and empathically responsive approach in which you are guided in accessing and working with your emotional experience in a new way that ultimately helps you to feel better and more connected to yourself.