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Mindful Relaxation and Refocusing Workshop for 2017
A Mindful Approach to Well-Being (all ages)

Do you sometimes feel like you are running on empty? Why not set aside some time for yourself to gain a better understanding of your thoughts and feelings.

Learn skills in Mindfulness

Often when we feel anxious or depressed it is because we are either thinking about the future or worrying about the past. By practicing mindfulness meditation techniques and learning to live in the present we can help slow down our autopilot and become more grounded and in the present.

Focus on Success

Where are your stressors? Let’s look at what is draining your energy? Are the demands in your life out of balance and causing tension in your body?

Creating a mind map can take you on a journey of new avenues, you will discover and explore unique paths along the way. This is not always easy when you are faced with obstacles or difficulties in life. The theory of mind mapping is based around a creative thinking approach to organisation and problem solving.

These classes come with a health warning as working with emotions on a deep level can bring awareness to unresolved issues. Classes are taught by highly qualified counsellors who have had many years of experience working in different settings. You can feel assured that you will be in a safe, therapeutic environment.

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